Premium Gas Engine Oil

Mobil Pegasus™ 805 ULTRA is a high performance gas engine oil engineered to meet the rigorous demands of today's high output four-cycle engines designed to reduce emissions and improve fuel-efficiency. It meets a wide range of OEM requirements making it a great choice where high-speed four-cycle engines from various OEMs are used.

Mobil Pegasus 805 Ultra is designed to provide very good protection against piston scuffing, scoring and ring and liner wear. It also exhibits excellent resistance to foaming, good demulsibility and high-level corrosion protection. It is formulated with low levels of zinc and phosphorus making it compatible with engines equipped with catalytic converters.

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Features & Benefits

Mobil Pegasus 805 ULTRA is a leading member of the Mobil brand of industrial lubricants that enjoy a reputation for innovation, technology leadership and high performance capability.

Mobil Pegasus 805 ULTRA offers the following features and potential benefits:

Features and Potential Benefits

  • Extraordinary oxidation stability and nitration resistance provide cleaner engines, good oil life, and reduce oil disposal and filter costs
  • Vert good anti-wear characteristics help to reduce wear of engine components nad reduce scuffing of pistons and liners
  • Good corrosion resistance protects bearings and internal components
  • Extraordinary detergent-dispersant system orivudesprotection of valve train components, cleaner engines and longer filter and spark plug life
  • Very good foam separation where sour gas (low levels of H2S) may be used as fuel


Mobil Pegasus 805 ULTRA is designed for use in:

  • Caterpillar, Waukesha and other turbocharged, naturally aspirated, medium to high speed four-cycle engines requiring a low ash oil
  • Four-cycle engines experiencing valve face and seat wear
  • Lean-burn and stoichiometric four-cycle engines operating under high load, high temperature conditions
  • High-speed four-cycle gas engines used in cogeneration applications
  • Engines equipped with catalytic converters
  • Applications using alternate fuels containing low levels of Sulfur or Chlorine
  • In field gathering operations where sour gas (low levels of H2S) may be used as fuel