Century Petroleum is pleased to announce the acquisition of
On-Site Petroleum!

Century Petroleum specializes in providing contractor’s fueling throughout the New York Metropolitan area and Long Island. The latest environmental regulations have made it difficult and costly to install and maintain bulk storage tanks for diesel fuel and gasoline. At Century Petroleum, we fuel your equipment and tanks in your yard or at your construction site.

This saves your company not only the expense of having your staff fuel your trucks and equipment, but also the cost associated with the installation and maintenance of storage tanks, high level alarms, leak detection devices, and dispensing equipment. Since 1977, Century has held all of the fueling solutions for our customers.

From under 25 gallons to thousands, we strive to ensure that each delivery is handled promptly and efficiently. Our customers are very important to us! Our reputation for excellent delivery service has made Century Petroleum the #1 Supplier of Choice for nearly 4 decades.



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