Castrol Magna™ SW Range (previously called Castrol Magna™ GC 32, BD 68 and CF 220) are specially formulated slideway lubricants to provide all-round performance with good stick-slip and load carrying performance. They combine controlled frictional characteristics with high film- strength and high load carrying properties to eliminate 'stick-slip'.

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  • Magna SW 32 is a light viscosity, combined hydraulic and slideway lubricant. Applications include lightly loaded slideways such as found on small centre lathes and combined hydraulic and slideway systems such as in reciprocating grinding machines.
  • Magna SW 68 is a medium viscosity slideway lubricant suitable for use in most machine tool lubrication systems specifying an ISO VG 68 oil. It meets Cincinnati Milacron P47 specification.
  • Magna SW 220 is formulated for use with heavily loaded slideway applications or where there is a vertical or inclined slideway. It meets Cincinnati Milacron P50 specification.


  • Good lubricity – prevents stick-slip of slideways.
  • High load carrying capacity – prevents wear of highly loaded slideways.
  • Good demulsification and cutting fluid compatibility – can be used in the presence of water or water based metalworking fluids.