General Services

Storage & Equipment
We have a variety of pumps, hoses and reels available to ensure efficient dispensing from bulk tanks, drums and pails. Whatever your need, we have the right solution that fits your organization application.
Engineering Services
Atlantic States Lubricant’s Lubrication Engineers can work with your organization to find the right product/service mix that works for you.
Marketing Programs
We work closely with our suppliers to offer you the best marketing materials available to both increase your customer awareness and your sales. Through Distributor only programs we can offer branded or personalized signage, colorful brochures, and rebates. Our in-house Marketing Specialist can assist your organization with your marketing needs.

Technical Services

Predictive Maintenance
Mobil Signum is now Mobil Serv. The wear metals found in your used oil are a good indicator as to what is happening inside an engine or a piece of industrial equipment. Atlantic States allows you the peace of mind that comes with utilizing the advanced technology of Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis. With Mobil Serv, you can be assured of continued enhanced safety, and productivity of your equipment. This video explains how simple and important it is to conduct regular oil analyses.
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Hydraulic System Inspection
Atlantic States has performed extensive hydraulic system inspections for customers looking to reduce costs within their operations. At an agreed upon interval, we inspect each hydraulic system for leakage, hose condition, fill screen integrity, oil level, filter condition ,and oil reservoir temperature. If the temperature is too high, we will check the efficiency of the heat exchanger by measuring the temperature of the water and oil, into and out of it. At the time of inspection, an oil sample will be drawn from each reservoir. The samples will be sent to a special laboratory where they will be tested for viscosity and water contamination. Each sample will then be pushed through an 8-micron filter disc to filter out contamination that was present in the oil. These discs will be presented to you for inspection, along with recommendations for any corrective action that may be required.
Plant Surveys
Providing the proper lubricant in the right place at right time interval is critical to controlling costs. We inspect every piece of equipment within your facility and prepare a set of lubrication instructions. These instructions will include equipment name, the component lubricated, the proper lubricants, the method of application, and the services frequency. Special care will be taken to recommend as few different products as possible while still adhering to good lubrication fundamentals. We can also supply metallic stickers that can be affixed to the lubrication points of each machine indicating the proper lubricant to be used for that application.
Training Clinics
We conduct on-site training clinics to increase the efficiency of maintenance personnel. The training will be presented by our in-house lubrication specialists who have over 60 years experience in the industry.
Failed Parts Analysis
It is impractical to replace a component without determining the reason for the failure. The replacement will fail for the same reason as the original part. We will inspect failed parts and use the available resources to determine the reason for failure.

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